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January 8th

ChatGPT Android by @skydoves gets a mention from the Google Developers Twitter account: and the Twitter link can be found here:

Drafting: Everyday Writing by @sen gets its 1.34 release. The drafting app gets some nice new features such as vibrating slightly when starting and finishing of moving custom toolbar icons and more.

January 9th

Mishaal Rahman posted a round-up of what's new in the Android 13 QPR2 Beta release that happened today. You can find that here: though it does lead directly to a Twitter list since threading on Mastodon is bit more work per Mishaal.

Great Post by spaghettiCode about how he wrangled a large codebase when starting new at a company

Ed :spaghettiCode: (
When I joined ASOS, the size of the codebase was initially quite overwhelming and I found it difficult to know exactly what screens I was looking at when navigating through the app 😅 Thankfully, easy-dumpsys made this discovery process incredibly easy

January 12th

Hosting Mastodon on DigitalOcean/Kubernetes

socat TCP-LISTEN:1337 (
The folks over at DO have contributed a “running mastodon on kubernetes” guide, using their hosted services :) Might be worth checking out if you’re into managing infrastructure and thinking about starting your own instance. #mastoadmin #kub…

January 16th

Our first guest blogger!

Article by Mark Murphy written about ActivityPub and Android: ActivityPub and Android (

January 17th

The DIY'ers of the Android community have delivered something that was quickly being requested by a lot of users. GoogleTV remote as a lock screen shortcut is available with AOSPMods. Original message here: and the GitHub link is here: CHANGELOG: Added TV remote to lockscreen shortcuts · siavash79/AOSPMods@8bd10ef (

Compose Compiler 1.4.0 released with Kotlin 1.8.0 support. Compose Compiler  |  Android Developers

January 19th

Twitter officially puts a stop to all 3rd party Twitter apps from using the API: Twitter officially bans third-party clients with new developer rules - The Verge

January 21st

Security researcher Ken Gannon discloses two exploits that impact Samsung's app store on Android devices.

Google possibly to unveil about 20 new products and a new version of Google search at Google I/O and later this year: original article here: Google Calls In Larry Page and Sergey Brin to Tackle ChatGPT and A.I. Chatbots - The New York Times (

Dual eSIM support appears to start working for some Pixel 7 users: The Pixel 7 features powered by Android 13 APIs (

January 22nd

Google lays off 12,000+ employees, some who had been with the company for 15 - 20+ years! Google employees scramble for answers after layoffs hit long-tenured (

Microsoft lays off all of it's VR/AR teams along with about 11,000 employees. Microsoft Lays Off All Its VR, Mixed Reality, and HoloLens Employees: Report - ExtremeTech

January 23rd

Microsoft invests $10 billion into Open AI after laying off 11,000+ employees. Microsoft to Invest $10 Billion in ChatGPT Maker OpenAI (MSFT) - Bloomberg

January 25th

Grocy 3.0 for Android is released with a Material You redesign. Grocy is a Grocery Management app by Patrick Zedler.

Gradle folks talk about how Minecraft and suspicious gradle wrappers :eyes:

Paul Merlin 🍿 (
On January 11th 2023, #gradle was contacted by MinecraftOnline about two unusual and suspicious Gradle wrapper JARs found in some of their repositories. Read about the story here Read about how to protect yourself against such #supplychainattacks here…

Updates to Sceneview from our Arcore friends

Kent Sinclair :androidEyes: (
pretty sweet update to SceneView library last week enabling compose support maintained by Thomas Gorrise

How to connect to localhost from android emulator

Jeroen Mols (
Attached: 1 image Blogged: Connecting your Android emulator to a local development server. Neat little trick with etc/hosts that allows the emulator to access local IP addresses. 👉 #AndroidDev #server #react

January 26th

Mobile dev folks  and Maestro are continuing to kill it

Aaron Alaniz (
The folks at Maestro continue to amaze me. This latest change opens up a new set of product owners to contribute to automated testing. I also love the focus on maintenance a core tenant.

January 27th

Trunks, another new app for Mastodon, gets an Android and iOS beta release with features such as: Multi-account support, quote toots, threaded replies, dark mode and instance browse. and the Play Store link: trunks - Apps on Google Play

Ben's journey to repair an iphone using 3 50lb pelican cases worth of tools

Ben Oberkfell (
Phone looks good as new, although it was so tedious ripping out that glue that I debated just tossing this and running to the mall for a new phone. All in all what I learned from this is that this was an incredible pain in the ass. Under no circumstances should anyone do this. I’m certain an App…

January 30th

You can now sign up for Google's new accessibility newsletter that should be sent out quarterly. Sign up for Google's Accessibility Newsletter

Compiling for OSX without a mac

Al Sutton (
This looks like an interesting way to get around needing a physical m1 mac for testing...

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